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James Jobling Purser BEng PhD ACSM
Managing Director

James Jobling-Purser was educated at the University of Exeter, Camborne School of Mines where he studied Mineral Surveying and Resource Management. During his undergraduate degree James developed a keen interest in 3D surveying, developing a low cost laser scanner for the mining industry as part of his final year project.


On completion of his undergraduate degree James sought funding to develop a remote surveying vehicle for surveying in hazardous areas of the mining industry. This project was carried out for his PhD from 2003 to 2008. Jobling Purser RSV LLP was set up in December 2007 to exploit the benefits of the research being conducted, during his PhD.

Some of the skills James has built up over this period include; product development, mechanical design, 3D Modelling, Laser Scanning and Engineering Surveying.

James has travelled to many mining operations around the world to gain an understanding of how the Remote Surveying Vehicle could help improve efficiency and safety in underground operations. Some of the countries visited include; Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Chile, South Africa and Spain.

Matthew Eyre BSc, MSc, MCSM
Forensic Researcher

Matthew is a forensic researcher developing new processes and techniques for industrial accident investigation and reconstruction. As part of this role, Matthew is undertaking a PhD at the University of Exeter (Camborne School of Mines) developing and testing his ideas.

Prior to joining 3D MSI Ltd Matthew undertook a Masters in Surveying and Environmental management. Matthew won the RICS award for best dissertation for work that was carried out with Wardell Armstrong international’s mining division.  Before undertaking his Masters, Matthew studied for a degree in electronic control systems. He also spent six years working in the construction industry, this involved extensive health and safety experience giving him a good understanding of managing and understanding risk.

Since October 2011, Matthew has been involved with the investigation of two major incidents in the United Kingdom carrying out extensive R&D on live data to accuratly depict events prior, during and proceeding the event.

Strategic Advisor and Consultant

Simon has over 40 years experience worldwide in measurement of land, buildings, and structures. He is a chartered land surveyor, and chartered building and civil engineering surveyor.

Former President of The UK Survey Association, Simon has lectured on survey and management issues in Europe and the USA including at Newcastle University, City University and UCL. He has sat on several RICS panels and is an External Examiner for London University.

Simon was owner and CEO of Plowman Craven and Associates Ltd which was established in 1964 and has one of the largest geomatics companies in Europe. Simon pioneered various applications for spatial data problem solving, using a variety of techniques including total stations, photogrammetry, GPS and laser scanning. He also introduced innovative techniques to many new markets.

Simon’s service experience includes topographic surveys, building surveys, area surveys, volume calculations, 3D modelling and visualisation, scene of crime and accident surveys, deformation monitoring and engineering surveys. His clients include developers, property owners and advisors, architects, engineers, government agencies, law enforcement agencies, the military, retailers, financial institutions, transport/rail companies and the film industry.

To find out more about the work of 3D MSI, or to request a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment.

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Independent Data Processing.

Our data processing services include comprehensive plan layouts, 3D models and animated flythroughs, as well as volume and dimensional calculations, to help you save money.
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Utility Surveys & Infrastructure Modelling

3D Design Analysis

Volumetric Surveys & Material Estimations

Underbreak & Overbreak Analysis

High Speed Laser Scanning

3D Visualisations for Health & Safety

Forensic Analysis Surveys

Check Surveys

Hazardous Conditions Surveys

Consultation Service

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