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“I estimate that you could employ a mine surveyor for a complete year and not get the same amount of data and accuracy of plans as delivered by 3D MSI’s robot”.
Owain Morton, Arian’s Mining Engineer.

Expertise in extracting information from 3D laser scan data has not yet been fully exploited by the mining industry. 3D MSI has demonstrated how companies can capitalise on this emerging technology and are the first company to address the specific needs within mining, where laser scanning technology can improve productivity and efficiency.

While the mining industry has often been seen as slow to adopt new and fairly unproven technologies, history has shown that when new, efficient and workable systems are adopted many opportunities develop. Essentially, what works, sticks.

While traditional surveyors have developed their services through the use of modern techniques, utilising GPS and TPS equipment, some companies have also embraced laser scanners, recognising the ability of the technology to provide a superior result. However, the ability to translate data from laser scanners is an arduous task and one which requires specialism in the field.

3D MSI’s advantage comes from our background, not only in our use of traditional surveying methods, including GPS and TPS, but also in our ongoing research and development of laser scan applications.

The 3D MSI Difference

Specialist: The service 3D MSI provides has been developed from PhD and MSc research. State-of-the-art surveying, modelling, design, analysis, and drafting capabilities have been optimised for the mining market. Our close association with the Camborne School of Mines has provided a continual exposure to developing ideas and concepts, specifically within the mining industry.

Accurate: 3D MSI offers their clients superior service, accompanied with state-of-the-art analysis and design capabilities. We offer three-dimensional visualisation services to improve the efficiency and safety of a mining operation. In comparison, our competitors rely mostly on two-dimensional models carried out with basic surveying equipment that cannot compete qualitatively or quantitatively.

Experienced: Our team can provide the benefit of a combined experience of 25 years laser scanning and surveying, with senior management having extensive experience in the development of new laser scanning markets. Our RSV technology has been in development for 3 years and is now a proven product and fully operational.

Efficient: 3D MSI’s service is based on a high speed, high accuracy quality control and assurance program which is unparallel by modern underground surveying systems. 3D MSI always provide professional quality services - on time and on budget.

Safe: 3D MSI provide an unparalleled Improvement in health and safety, through the use of remote surveying and our deliverables mean far less time is required underground.

Cost Effective: By utilising the RSV, surveys can be conducted remotely, at a price that is very competitive to standard laser scanning.

To find out more about the work of 3D MSI, or to request a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment.

Visit our Video Gallery and see some examples of our underground mine 3D animations.
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Our cost effective solutions include advice, tailored to individual client needs.
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Utility Surveys & Infrastructure Modelling

3D Design Analysis

Volumetric Surveys & Material Estimations

Underbreak & Overbreak Analysis

High Speed Laser Scanning

3D Visualisations for Health & Safety

Forensic Analysis Surveys

Check Surveys

Hazardous Conditions Surveys

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