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Where laser scan data has been collected independently, we are able to process the available information, using our state of the art software and processing experience to provide accurate 3D models and deliverables of the working terrain.

Consultation with our experienced team of data processing experts allows our clients to obtain the greatest possible results from their survey data and utilise the revolutionary techniques provided by 3D MSI to generate stunning visualisations.

We can provide a complete package from our processing services, from basic plan layouts, to static 3D models, as well as complex 3D animations.

While the volume of data collected by laser scanning is bulky and difficult to manage with standard equipment, our ability to expertly process high volume data points puts us at the forefront of underground mine surveying.

To find out how our data processing experts can assist your business in achieving the best results in the industry please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange an initial consultation and discuss how we can help you.

Our Services
Utility Surveys & Infrastructure Modelling .

3D Design Analysis.

Volumetric Surveys & Material Estimations.

Underbreak & Overbreak Analysis.

High Speed Laser Scanning .

Forensic Analysis Surveys.

3D Visualisations for Health & Safety.

Check Surveys.

Hazardous Conditions Surveys.

Consultation Service.

Independent Data Processing.




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Our Services

Utility Surveys & Infrastructure Modelling

3D Design Analysis

Volumetric Surveys & Material Estimations

Underbreak & Overbreak Analysis

High Speed Laser Scanning

3D Visualisations for Health & Safety

Forensic Analysis Surveys

Check Surveys

Hazardous Conditions Surveys

Consultation Service

Independent Data Processing

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