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While health and safety training are a necessary factor in any mining operation, the ability to effectively deliver an appropriate understanding of the environment to new and existing employees can be limiting.

The 3D models generated by 3D MSI act as an ideal option in assessing the conditions and structure of a mine, before allowing employees access.

Virtual reality simulations of the mining network can be created from our scan data and 3D model processing, allowing trainees to become aware of the potential hazards and areas of risk, before entering into the actual mine. In doing so, the ability to prepare and understand what measures might need to be taken in response to simulated conditions, the trainee experience is greatly enhanced, language barriers are overcome and health and safety measures optimised to full effect.

Fire exits, fire extinguishers, telephone points and medical bays can all be located and explained with enhanced visual understanding, using our 3D accurate models.

This new approach to health and safety is the latest in ensuring the mining industry can equip itself with the necessary measures to avoid potential accidents and liabilities.

To find out more about the work of 3D MSI, or to request a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment.

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Utility Surveys & Infrastructure Modelling .

3D Design Analysis.

Volumetric Surveys & Material Estimations.

Underbreak & Overbreak Analysis.

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Forensic Analysis Surveys.

3D Visualisations for Health & Safety.

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Hazardous Conditions Surveys.

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Utility Surveys & Infrastructure Modelling

3D Design Analysis

Volumetric Surveys & Material Estimations

Underbreak & Overbreak Analysis

High Speed Laser Scanning

3D Visualisations for Health & Safety

Forensic Analysis Surveys

Check Surveys

Hazardous Conditions Surveys

Consultation Service

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